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 About HOOsick Hickory:

Hi, and welcome to HOOsick HickoryTM! We are pleased that you could stop by. 
We would like to share a bit about us. 

We were looking for an all natural pain reliever for arthritis and found an old extract 
remedy that started us on an incredible journey! With the information in hand and some
 in-depth research, we discovered that the Native Americans created an extract remedy 
from the bark of the shagbark hickory tree. They created a decoction, (which is also
known as a type of strong tea, a tonic, or an infusion of the bark of the shagbark 
hickory tree), to relieve their arthritis pain & many other afflictions.

So...from the bark of our shagbark hickory trees, we added our mineral rich, 
all natural artesian water and created...HOOsick Hickory ExtractTM!  ​

After creating our HOOsick Hickory ExtractTM, we added raw honey, refined it, 
and concentrated it into an amazing HOOsick Hickory ElixirTM that helps arthritis pain. 

Our Hickory ElixirTM has been helping customers with various afflictions such as 
arthritis, sleeplessness, hip & back pain, leg cramps, the effects of Lyme disease 
and more! We can't make medical claims, but we know that it works on us and we 
know that it has worked for our customers because they keep coming back for more!

We have also created three scrumptious Hickory Syrups ~ 
Our Original Hickory SyrupTM, Chef's Preferred Hickory SyrupTM  & our new 
Smoked Hickory SyrupTM. Also in our product line is our Hickory Garlic Dry Rub 
& All Purpose SeasoningTM, as well as our Hickory Blackening SeasoningTM. We 
have an awesome Hickory Garlic BBQ SauceTM & our new brand new and very popular 
 Hickory Smoked Garlic BBQ SauceTM. Just added in 2019...Hickory Balsamic Salad DressingTM, that has quickly become a very popular product! In keeping with the environmentally 
friendly process that got us started (we don't throw anything away), we use our recycled
Hoosick Hickory Smoking ChipsTM in our BBQ whenever we do any outdoor grilling 
to add a unique & smoky flavor to all our food. 

​We hope you love our products as much as we do & will tell your friends & family!
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