HOOsick Hickory, LLCTM

  What is HOOsick Hickory?

  HOOsick Hickory is a small family business located in Hoosick Falls, NY. 
We offer a variety of products that are handmade from a hickory extract 
that we created from the bark of the shagbark hickory tree. We offer two hickory syrups, a hickory elixir, two hickory flavored sea salts, a hickory 
dry rub & all purpose seasoning, a hickory garlic bbq cooking sauce and 
hickory bark smoking chips. Our cooking syrup is being used by a 
NYS brewing company in one of the beers that they brew and it is 
also being used by a chef at a prominent restaurant in Williamstown, MA 
in a dish that he prepares for his customers!

How/why did the company start?

HOOsick Hickory started because of arthritis...my husband's arthritis
 to be exact! He was not willing to rely on conventional pain medications
 and an old recipe we found, along with many hours of research, yielded something that we found extremely interesting. Native American Indians 
used a natural form of hickory extract for medicinal purposes and 
pain relief. We experimented with the recipe for a couple of years, sent 
it away to Cornell for testing, and ended up with two hickory syrups. 
We kept experimenting and more success came in the form of our 
pain relieving arthritis elixir that is a combination of only two natural ingredients, our proprietary hickory extract and raw, local honey. 
Another part of our research was how we came up with the name 
of our business, HOOsick Hickory. HOOsick, “Valley of the Owl”, is 
the reason we named our business HOOsick Hickory. Our logo is an owl 
and our business card uses HOO as the first three letters pertaining 
to the sound of an owl. It all just seemed to fall into place with ease!

What is the most popular product?

In my opinion, our most popular product is our Chef's Preferred 
Cooking Syrup because it is such a versatile product. It can be used 
in a variety of ways and I believe that it is the product that I sell the 
most of at the events that I participate in. 

What is your personal favorite product?

My personal favorite is our Chef's Preferred Cooking Syrup because 
I use it in our very popular Hickory Garlic BBQ Cooking Sauce as well 
as many other recipes. I am creating a recipe booklet that will be 
available in the near future. My husband's favorite is our 
HOOsick Hickory Elixir for his arthritis pain.

Where can people taste and buy HOOsick Hickory?

People can taste and buy our products at events that we attend.
 Our products can also be purchased on our website:
and at The Apple Barn in Bennington, VT & other retail locations 
listed online. Some events coming up are Chicks Along the Canal in 
Little Falls, NY, Garlic Fest in Bennington, VT; The Tugboat Roundup
 in Waterford, NY; The Niskayuna Craft Fair at Niskayuna High School 
and The Herkimer County Arts & Crafts Fair at Herkimer County
 Community College. All of our upcoming events and dates will be
 listed on our website. 
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